Today a little dream of mine finally came true - I spent all day babysitting all these beautiful dresses in my all time favorite vintage shop FN92 in Copenhagen. This little boutique is packed with gorgeous high quality dresses from 1850 - 1980 - it's like vintage heaven! 
I met a lot of really nice people and of course I bought a few things too. I don't think I have to tell you I had a wonderful day.
If you're not able to visit the shop in Copenhagen you can always visit the webshop - http://www.fn92shop.com/.

The owner of FN92, Pauli Tvilling, creates the most amazing head pieces 

The wedding dresses

This is probably the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. I'm not getting married, but I just had to try it on.
And the worst thing - it fits like a glove. 
Bought this pretty white 1940s dress instead
And this 1950s gingham two piece
And this 1950s light grey swing coat
And finally this cute basket!


  1. The items you bought look fantastic! I would love working in a shop like that but we don't have many at all here in my area. :(

    xx Christina

    1. Thank you :)

      There's nothing better than shopping while your working, a perfect combination!

  2. i have to get married now. So beautiful!

  3. Oh lucky u it looks just amazing i love ur dresses to really gorgeous big kiss from Dublin xx leonie

    1. Thank you - the shop is really amazing! Can't wait for my next babysitting.

  4. your blog makes me go green with envy ... (and actually i don't like green too much). the shop is a blast and the dresses you bought are total stunners. love the two tone gingham most.


    1. The gingham is really a find - been wearing it a couple of times now and I just LOVE it!

      Thank you for your sweet comment :)


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