Tanya from the wonderful blog Style Me Betty awarded me with the Liebster Blog award!
And now it's my time to pass the torch to 5 other bloggers, but first things first - here are the rules.

The 4 rules you have to ad here in order to claim the award.

1. Link and follow the blogger who awarded you
2. Blog about the award
3. Give the award to 5 other bloggers - preferably bloggers with less than 200 followers
4. Answer the 11 questions I asked you and create 11 questions to your 5 awarded bloggers

1. What is your favorite vintage item?

My engagement ring.

2. Do your home reflect your vintage passion?

Oh yes.

3. When did your interest in vintage begin?

I've loved second hand clothes for many years, but my passion for 1950s dresses really kicked in when I discovered this red dress about 5 years ago.

4. Favorite European city?

Too hard pick one. 
Top 5? Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, London and Berlin.
Best European city for vintage clothes? I'll have to say London. Expensive, but so many great shops. Bought this pretty dress in London.

5. Favorite movie which is either from before the 1960s or set in the period prior to the 1960s?

6. Do you use online resources to shop for vintage items?

I LOVE Etsy!

7. Have you gained new friends as a result of your vintage interest?

Yes I have. It's so wonderful to meet people with the same interest and I hope to meet a lot more in the future.

8. Is your job related to your vintage interest?

No. I work as an art director at an advertising agency. But sometimes it's difficult not to hide my love for vintage. This campaign I made for my bachelor project.

9. What do you gain from blogging?

The best thing about blogging is without doubt the many wonderful people I meet. At the same time Storms Magasin is a great little getaway where I can share my vintage passion.

10. Best advise for people who are new at vintage shopping?

Be patient. And enjoy the hunt - that's half the fun!

11. Have you encountered people who didn't understand why you dress or look like you do?

I get a lot of comments on my dresses, but they're almost always very positive. Some people ask me if I'm on my way to a Mad Men theme party and don't really believe me when I tell them that this is my every day clothes. I think some people find it a little silly to dress up like I do, but I never got any negative comments - what's not to love about a colorful 1950s dress?

And now on to 5 lovely vintage blogs I award with the Liebster Blog Award:

Sirens Sexy

- Grandmothers pearls

- Retro Reporter

- Black Swan's Pond

- Vintage Window

Hope you all would like to play along :)

And the 11 questions:

1. What's the best thing about vintage?

2. Dress or pants?

3. Did you have any concerns about creating your blog?

4. What do you want to do in your next life?

5. What's your favorite record?

6. Name 3 random facts about you

7.  What's your favorite vintage shop?

8. Who's your favorite vintage movie star?

9. How do people react to your look?

10. What would be the first thing you'd save in a fire?

11. Will you still be blogging in ten years?


  1. O, thank you for this nomination – it is a quite unexpected honor & I will certainly give the best answers I possibly can to the questions :-))


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